Our Purpose

Tea drinking has been a tradition rich in heritage and history. There is good reason as to why it has enjoyed this exalted status for centuries. It is common knowledge that tea provides medicinal and health benefits besides being a delicious beverage. However, tradition had given way to convenience and its heritage and benefits may have been overlooked. However, with increased focus on healthy living and better food habits, the importance and benefits of tea drinking has gained strong positive momentum across the globe. With modern R&D and Technological innovation, the teas of today besides providing an immersive tea drinking experience, also have numerous health benefits. We at Gulshan Tea, are passionate tea aficionados and have made it our purpose to bring world class tea to the discerning tea drinker from exotic tea gardens of South India.

About Us

Gulshan Tea is a boutique tea advisory firm based out of Princeton Jct , New Jersey. We work closely with partners to bring quality teas to customers across North America.